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Would you?
I feel so lonely 
I feel so dead inside 
But still I push on
Because I have to. 
I absolutely have to. 
The idea of death doesn't scare me 
but the idea of what I won't become if I leave does
so what do I do? 
What can I do? 
Except push on 
Push on and hope 
hope that life gets better 
that my loneliness will go away
that I'll find someone 
who would be willing to care for me 
even with all my flaws 
and blemishes 
My curses 
My deformities 
People say I'm pretty 
people say that I should just bat my eyes 
and lovers will come running 
but I don't want that. 
I want someone who will love me 
for my accomplishments 
for my successes 
and failures 
and my scars. 
Will they come and save me from myself? 
Or do I need to figure out a way to do it by myself?
What should I do
What would I do 
What can I do 
except hope 
Hope and push on t
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Florida in the T.A.R.D.I.S.? :iconfloridadaawesome:Floridadaawesome 0 8 A Time without Tacos :iconfloridadaawesome:Floridadaawesome 1 0 A Year Later... :iconfloridadaawesome:Floridadaawesome 1 0 To young to drink :iconfloridadaawesome:Floridadaawesome 4 5 Alice And Her Slutiness :iconfloridadaawesome:Floridadaawesome 1 0 Swiss Rolls :iconfloridadaawesome:Floridadaawesome 0 0
Ireland one shot
"Come on lass! Just one kiss!" Ireland asked me again. "No! I have work to do, Ireland!" I said again. "What?! Ye call getin ready for dose meetans work?" I simply adored his accent, and more often then not, end up letting him talk me into doing something stupid with him. "Aye, I do. It's more inportant dan kissin ye." I said replicating his accent, catching him off guard. "When did ye learn dat? an' where?" It was the first time he heard it, and amazingly he wasn't mad. "I lernt it off of ye. Now leave me alone." I was starting to get a bit mad at him. "Not til I get dat  kiss from ye lass." He said sitting down on my couch. I stayed calm and got out a beer, "If I gev ye dis can I get some alone time?" He eyed it for a second, and then took it. "Fine."  I sighed with relief and sat down, getting my papers and going through them. "Rory, I thought ye said I could get some alone time fer yer beer." He nodded his head, but didn't move. I sighed again, and refused to look at him.
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Alfred, with love
I was calling Alfred, this morning. "Hello?" I heard him say in a sleepy tone. "Hey, Did I wake you up?" I asked in a sweet tone. "No!" He said, instantly perking up at the sound of my voice. "Ha ha, yeah I did. Sorry, alfie."
"It's fine. Hey I'll be over in 5 okay?" He said. On the other side of the line I could hear him getting dressed. "Okay, the doors unlocked!" I said. "Okay, bye! I lo-" The line cut off. I sat there with a blush, hearing what he said. Even if he didn't finish it, I had a feeling it wasn't "love you." That would just be insane. Even if I like him, that's just not how the world works.... I thought to myself while getting dressed. I moved into the bathroom after slipping on my pants and shirt. I heard my door open and then close. "Babe?" I heard him call out. "Upstairs!" I yelled back. I slightly did my hair up, and  a little bit of make up. I went down stairs to find America nowhere. "Broski?" I called out. No response. "Wanna play it that why, huh, Alfred." H
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Mature content
Scotland one shot :iconfloridadaawesome:Floridadaawesome 0 2
England :iconfloridadaawesome:Floridadaawesome 5 4


Young Stud :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 489 41
Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader| 5
Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader| 5
Day after day, you trained in that very room in the evening, where Romano would consistently join you when he had time to kill and train to get you in the shape of the necessary standards in order to survive as an associate in the family. Soon, you replaced the weak image you possessed in the beginning and built a much more resilient one. On the very first day you thought that you wouldn't survive held hostage by a mob and was very certain that you wouldn't even be allowed out of your room - pleasantly surprised at the tables that were turned, acceptance of this life came quite naturally. 
Currently seated in the boss's headquarters on the sofa, you were drowning yourself in a novel that you had just picked up from the shelves that were engraved on the walls. The omnipotent figure however was busy reading through several documents stacked on his table. His
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 16 5
Care for a sip... :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 631 109
At the Flower Shoppe
Arthur Kirkland was the owner of a local flower shop called Summer Nights. It was a small shop he owned to sell flowers and create bouquets, gardens, decorations and anything involving flowers. He owned a large greenhouse where he grew a garden of flowers of different kinds for him to sell. He nourished, watered and cared for them each and every day. It was not only his job, but his life. Yet, he lived alone, for his parents died of old age and his brothers wanted nothing to do with him.
Despite all of this, Arthur held on strong, using the flowers as his company. He'd often talk to them, due to his wish for company, which drew much attention. Though, Arthur didn't seem to take notice of the looks he received and no one dared to ask why he talked to them. He never made friends, and not just because of his thing for talking to plants, but it was also the fact he seemed to avoid companionship.
A young man came by Arthur's flower shop one day. He was young, perhaps a college student of 18
:iconufd:ufd 6 2
YoungMcCree2 :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 679 38
Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader| 4
Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader| 4
"Training?" you asked, voice laced with confusion. "Why would I need to do that?" 
He paused, eyeing you with the uttermost shock; but something in his facial expression suggested a touch of admiration. Instead of staring at you as if you were the most ignorant fool to ever be blessed on the planet, he thought of your question as a sign of innocence. 
Something that sparked new found appreciation. 
Romano walked slowly in your direction, keeping a well distanced space between you both. 
"What do you think would happen if an enemy infiltrated this mansion? That wouldn't be much of a problem because we'll kick their asses of course." he started, a dark smile creeping onto his features. "Everybody in this household are trained killers-" 
That statement cut deeply into you. 
It was quite believable to a great extent, especially whe
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 20 7
YoungMcCree :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 805 32
Good cop (Prisoner! America x Cop! Reader)
Good cop - Prisoner! America x Cop! Reader
You had just made it pass the test by the skin of your teeth- don't get me wrong, you're very capable, especially when it comes to physical, athleticism. However, it was your psychology that had dragged you back a few yards. You were definitely the one for justice; inspired by your passionate love for superheroes. Despite your strong sense of morals and strength, even you could crack from pressure, or fear. 
Enjoyed life at twenty, you now hit the tender age of twenty-one where all that disappeared right in front of your eyes. 
After completing the cadet training program, you were now prepared to be a proper police officer and ready to roll. Or so you thought. 
Due to the overcrowding state prisons, hundreds of inmates were sent to police stations, one of them being where you were working right now. Just thinking about the skyrocketing crime rate and incarcerations really motivated you to g
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 45 7
Crash Bandicoot :iconshuploc:Shuploc 172 6 MattMcCree :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 692 204 ends... :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,529 1,299
Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader| 3
Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader| 3
You sat in your room, limbs sprawled over the bed with half-lidded eyes focused on the ceiling. The silence had already filled the room to the point that you thought your breathing was quite loud. It was around ten, about an hour after breakfast was served- to your door. Your thoughts were wandering around just you were yesterday, but you couldn't help it as you were bored at of your mind. 
Although it had only been a day, it felt like you have been living in this room for your entire life. Everything was done here, and what was it you were doing? 
Oh, nothing. 
Just overhearing the muffled voices discussing matters that was none of your business. The walls were not thin, but not so thick to the point that it would be practically a soundless room. You sluggishly picked your body up and dragged yourself to the front wall from the willpo
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 22 5
A tomato plushy - Spain
Your hand wandered around the item that were bestowed in the bag.
At that moment, you locked your fingers around an object as to then pull it out of the bag.
A tomato plushy.
Like a medium sized pillow, as you swathe the plushy with your arms you couldn't help but squeal in delight of how soft it is, therefore nuzzling your face into it as well.
"I get the pequeña chica!" A cheerful voice announced.
Searching for that voice, to find a man standing in front of you with the most heart-warming smile that made you feel happy as well.
"Hola, my name is Antonio, but you are glad to call me padre."
"Okay padre." You responded.
He then held you firmly against his chest as he carried you away from the meeting.
Time Skip~
"This is where we'll be staying in this hotel for tonight. In the morning, we'll then be leaving to visit my home country: Spain."
He smiled brightly.
As upon entering the room, it was seen to have a high standard of details and a quite charming textu
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Apparently Mark's live stream started like an hour ago. For those of you who don't know, mark does a livestream every month i think, for some Charity. Right now he's doing one for Saint Jude's hospital. they're at 54,000 our of 64,000 currently. I just wanted to make an entry about it, it case someone wants to donate or something. Watch the livestream? I dunno. So, if you go to the livestream page ( you can watch him be a doof, or in the description there is a button to go to the donation page for saint jude. Like Mark says, "Whatever you can give helps." It's fine even if you can't donate anything, like me, and just want to watch the Livestream. So, uh, yeah. Bye 
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